April 18, 2009

Wiping Brow

Crrrraaaaazy stuff has been going on in my world....i dont know where to begin! My nana scared us all to death with a week long stay at the hospital. We thought she would need open heart surgery and it turned out that she was eating to much salt. Fluid was building up around her heart and damn near killed her. I told her about making popcorn with butter and salt. It was her only vice but now she cant even have that.
Then, her greedy ass kids come to visit...lurking and looming with questions in their eyes, while massaging shallow pockets as to when the reaper will pay a call. See im the oldest granddaughter out of 13 and she considers me to be her kid....well her kids hate that notion and me even more. My nana owns the three family we live in, im on the premises, see her every day and handle her business affairs, while they live their selfish, reclusive lives in their OWN homes. The idea that this house could me mine someday, has caused such angst that they dont even speak to me now. I would love to tell them all how i REALLY feel but I choose to keep the peace for my nana. I have to channel her God fearing spirit and loving heart every time i feel like pimp slappin one of her kids. My mother and I are the only ones on the same page about nanas quality of life so at least I have one person tryin to hold me down.

Anyway...now we have third floor tenants who were supposedly friends, trying to give us the business on the rent, acting all brand new about how we roll in this house. OMG the chic had the nerve to call the police on Mista...and that is a story ill have to hit yall with later cause...um...nana beckons...LOL!

Peace and love yall!


  1. Hey, you! Thanks for commenting. Yea, it's been a while:) Hope you are doing well. I been aight.. Got laid off my job.. Now doing some writing on the side, to make ends meet. Looking for something better. How are you doing though? Hope it's good on your end;) Stay positive and love life:)

  2. Hey Dana-sorry it has been so long since I stopped by to say hi -I am trying to keep up with so many folks on the net and I get lost sometimes -well actually a lot!! If I read this right it sounds like neighbors might be a problem? Unless my insomnia is making me stupid again-some trashy people moved into a unit over here about 3 months ago-and it just shows how a small number of people can screw up what used to be a pretty nice place to live-shheeesh -one night this dude was talking to another dude on his cell -arguing into screaming at about 2 am -that was the night I almost lost it -I steadied myself though-cause these dudes have a Doberman Pinscher to guard a frikkin condo unit! makes me think WTF is going on over there haha-best to you as always and I wish your troubles would go away like I wish and hope mine do!!

  3. Wow, sounds like you've got a whirlwind of negative crap swirling around you right now. It's good that the love you have for your nana keeps you from going off the looney bin, and that your mom has your back. Sometimes, that's all you need to keep it together in this crazy world.

    I'm interested in hearing more about these tenants -- sounds ridiculous!

    Peace and love, Dana.

  4. Good Lawd! She done arose from the living dead and blogged! lol


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