January 27, 2009

Attack Of The Little People

Today I was a chaperon at lil man's school for a field trip to the Museum of Science. He was so excited that mommy was coming to hang out. I was assigned three other children and we were sent on our way to explore all things great and wonderful! Um....NOT...please tell me how much fun can a class full of 4 year olds have at this place? There were some things they were able to get down with but every few minutes I would get the occasional "im bored".."when are we leaving"..."can we eeeeeaaatttteeee"!

I had fun but it got to be a bit of a chore 'cause my mommy thang kicked in and cleaning another kids booger face is NOT the move. Breaking up push and shove matches was challenging 'cause I just wanted to tell the other kid to "get off my boy" even though I knew damn well lil man started the whole thing. HA!

So after all the hoopla it was time for lunch, which took entirely too long. I had to take lil man to the bathroom and sneak him a bite of his granola bar. You know you can't break out food in front of the other kids...the puppy dog eyes would have had me walking like a zombie to the food court for them. Well after they were settled and eating...I had to sneak to the food court for something fried and under five dollars...all the while walking back to the spot reeeeallll slow so lil man wouldn't ask me for any. Horrible I know but he gets EVERYTHING I got...surely I can horde my box of cholesterol and ketchup.

After lunch it was a wrap. We headed back to school where lil man and I said our good-byes and hopped the train home. When I got home to check my email, i hear this low "hmmmph" behind me. Mista let me know he read my blog.........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. More on THAT later.

Peace & Love



    Rule #1 -- ya man is NOT supposed to know about ya' blog, woman! lol

    So mad @ you for sneaking lil man food, then sneaking off to get you some too, haha!

    Betta change your blog address EARLY -- or you ain't gonna have no privacy my dear to say what you want :)

  2. i know this....i was so sleepy i dont think i logged off!


ok...let me have it!