January 30, 2009

Much Too Cold For This!

Snow...snow go away, come again another day!!! Don't complain though, a little ice and snow isn't going to hurt you. Especially if you were born and raised in New England. I'll tell you what, its a lot better than sliding down a hill onto the highway, or getting washed out to sea. That's right people count your blessings...for every trivial complaint you make, someone else is suffering a thousand times more. I mean, doesn't another persons tragedy put your life in perspective somehow? Very few people realize that what truly makes you rich is nothing monetary at all, but having friends(even if its just one), family that love you, your health(with an exception of the occasional cold) and the blessing of being able to awaken from sleep, get out bed and stand on your own two feet is absolutely priceless? So what if it snowed last night, the roads are icy and you might be late to work...Just GET THE FUCK UP, thank whatever Deities work in your life and keep it moving!

Im not in a bad mood...just looking in the mirror and checking for self!

I really wish Mista would get off this damn Xbox and put some shelves up, clean out a closet, or just make me a sandwich...but I won't say anything 'cause i'm not into emasculation....right now..LOL. Before I left this morning he shaved his face, gave me a kiss and I just wanted to smack him. How dare he look so good, making my annoyances with him dissipate. I guess thats kind of shallow huh? "damn sweetie you're kinda cute today..." No.NO!!! "shake that shit off..square your shoulders...arch your right eyebrow...you have NOT been affected by this".

Unfortunately, I need to cut this short...lunch is around the corner and I like to hit the stores, regret my purchases and smile sweetly to myself for sneaking them into the house while behaving like these items have always been there. Well...thats unless its something for the house...and even then I really don't care...Every Friday is a "PAY ME FIRST" holiday.

Peace and Love


  1. dang you sneak stuff in too? lol! I know what ur mean about the snow -- but dang it! I am ready to feel some warmth on my skin, to roll the window down while driving, to take a leisurely walk!

  2. I always say...no matter how bad it is..someone would kill to trade places wit me. Even though I sometimes get down/depressed as to how my life is going I know that it could be worse.

  3. Very beautifully put. We definitely do need to be more thankful of all the good things we have in life. It's too short to waste time bemoaning negative stuff, anyway.

    Haha, I'm taking a day off from work and am on the Xbox myself as I type! But you sound like you got it together, and I thank you for your inspiring outlook on life.

  4. Sha - you KNOW I have to sneak stuff in...its "you got something for me too"? I say HELL NAH!!! LOL

    Jerzey - I feel the same way...and that kind of thinking is the only thing that keeps me treading water!

    David - I LOVE Xbox..but i feel guilty doing anything I enjoy until I take care of business...but a quick method of escape is always good too. I see you are currently playing Fall Out 3...Mista is playing it too..Its like watching a movie!!!


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