January 31, 2009

The BoogeyMan IS Real...

... Not Hollywood's glamorous, win an Oscar for special effects type, but the boogeyman who lays dormant in the closet of your mind waiting to escape when you're vulnerable and idle. All your fears, desires, hopes etc. waiting to manifest into some story line within your dreams that you can't escape unless the alarm clock sounds, the phone rings or whatever else saves you from the labyrinth of that other world.

I've had so many dreams in full color, fantastic audio, complete with taste and smell that I really dread going to sleep most nights. My dreams are ALWAYS of the following:

Walking into a huge house (usually a dream home that i've imagined for myself while awake). What I see first is my bedroom. The bed is lofty and I have to climb about four steps to get there...king sized and sitting in front of a HUGE picture window. The rest of the house is sunny and bright but empty, sparsely furnished, walls often painted in pastels. BUT...I always hear other people in the house and can never see them...all of a sudden theres hundreds of folks outside, inside...children running around. There's always a motherly voice that tells me to hurry up and leave that place because it wouldn't be good if stayed. A bell tolls...and I wake up! I get this all the time.

Another type:

Dreaming about people who have passed away and I never knew them, only to catch the news via t.v. or someone who knew someone about this person in my dream passed away, tragic or otherwise. They sit and talk to me and when its time for me to go...they beg me to stay. What frightens me is...what if I agree to stay? Does that mean I'll die?

Another type:

Dreaming about running from the unimaginable. Horrid, ugly little things that give chase and won't stop until im caught or wake up. The urgency, panic, struggle to get away is so damn tangible. I can taste the fear. ((((brrrr))))

The Last type:

Dreaming of Tsunamis. Being consumed by water. Orbs that hover and move across the sky...some that fall. Stars that have settled on the ocean...shit like that!

Now I hope you all don't think i'm crazy...but WTF. I wonder...if you die in your sleep while dreaming..does that experience play over and over for all eternity or do the lights just go out. I know everyone has questions like that in some form or fashion. Another blogger I follow made me revisit my preoccupation with this subject so I couldn't help it...lol.

Has anyone else had recurring dreams they can't shake....or a dream of such profundity it can never be forgotten? Do tell!
Peace & Love


  1. Wow, you have some seriously freaked-out dreams! Your mind is a busy place to be when you're asleep, it seems. :) I wonder what it all means?

    The reoccuring element in my dreams is the ability to fly. I've been having them every since I was a boy, and throughout the years I've gotten better and better at it.

    I wrote an entry about it here:


  2. David - who knows what it all means. I'm told dreams aren't to be taken as they come but taken backward. What's to be said about recurring dreams though...perhaps I have some things in my life that need sorting out!! Checking out that link you sent...ill comment there!

  3. Daaaang! I missed this many blogs? You were serious about writing, huh?! lol!

    Yea..I have dreams about 'death' that shake me awake..a loved one dying, etc.. horrid! I hate those. Especially the ones that seem so real..


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