January 28, 2009


What is privacy anyway? There's no such thing anymore. Google maps (aka) homeland security lets you put in someones home address and via satellite you can damn near walk up on the porch and ring the bell. Oh well its the world we live in...or should I say controlled in.

Alright...I was TOO upset when Mista had the nerve to tell me with stank attitude that he read my blog. Now I know it was my fault for leaving it open but he does know that this laptop is MINE.as in "dont touch unless you ask me first". When I asked him why he read it, he said "well it was open so i just decided to check it out"...but that doesn't mean its ok to take a seat, relax and just go to it. I'm sorry but for EVERYTHING i share with Mista and lil man, I need to have something to myself, even if its several paragraphs of ranting and complaining somewhere..its MY CORNER OF THE WORLD DAMN IT!!! So I change the name slightly and told him I stopped blogging since its absolutely futile to sneak away.

Now he's on the couch while im over here sneaking a few lines in. "oh hi sweety, who me...oh nothing just looking through Craigs List"....uggghhh! "would you mind going outside and digging a ditch or SOMETHING"!!!! I'm pretty hard on Mista but several blogs later i'll reveal why.

Peace and Love


  1. Hi,

    I'm loving your blog, btw! You have a very fluid and lyrical writing style -- it's fun to read! Keep up the good job, and can't wait to read more.

  2. LOL @ diggin a ditch! You are a mess and I loves it!!

    I was pissed too when you told me he was all up in yours -- iffin you can't have nothing to yourself, at least you can have your own little piece of the bloggin world, geesh!

  3. David - Thank you for stopping by!
    Your blog is very encouraging and I can't wait to carve out a little more time to start at the beginning of your journey!

    Sha - Thats ok cause i fixed his lil red wagon. I INSIST on my privacy damn it!


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