January 26, 2009

The Witching Hour...

...Or so I'm told. It's after 3am and I'm STILL up. New to this blogging thing but I've given up trying to talk to family or friends about all that concerns me. I think this is the best way to get stuff off my chest. Like...my son's father who i'll call "Mista", is up as well...playing video games...(evil side glance at his ass). "Please turn off all my damn lights...or hand me a check to pay the bill". The economy is kicking my butt (yes I know...join the club) but just speaking on my household, the shit is tight.

So...early to rise by 6am making sure my work clock doesn't stop while checking the other wrist to make sure my lil man (4 yrs going on 40) is up and out of here for school. Love him I do, but I can't wait to drop him off so I can plan my hustle for the day. I'm doing it all alone too. Mista is here but since he know "Mama Gon Work It Out" he's not as stressed. "Um Jesus please help me refrain from buying that gun I need"...lol. anyway that felt good to let go. Good Morning

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  1. Mama gon' work it out, indeed!!! lol

    Loves it -- and I hope to see you bloggin, regular!


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