January 26, 2009

No It Didnt!!

You know...Boston is a cold, racist place. These folks don't mind giving you their ass to kiss! I'm sitting here perusing Craigs List ( I AM addicted) in the rants and raves section, mouth wide open because I still can't believe the anonymous bravado of the masses. Amazing how black folks are still viewed in the ugliest ways by folks who are seemingly kind while sitting next to you on the train but can't wait to wash the "gorilla" juice off of them 'cause you sat too damn close. I really try to keep from re-posting with the same hateful banter but I refuse to give them the stereotypical animosity they expect.
Case in point:
I was driving my big, black SUV, who my cuz has named the "Grave Digga"...with Mother, son and bff along for the ride. I'm sitting at a red light and ready to take the right on it when a pedestrian starts to cross. I decided to let him cross since it IS the law, when all of a sudden I hear someone blowing the horn behind me like a mad person. So I start to pull off when this maniacal cabby tries to rush up along the passenger side of my truck where my mother was sitting. Next thing i know theres a gush of cold air coming in the car and my mothers head is out the window like a puppy dog happy to be ridin shot gun! Next thing I hear is..
....Um yeah, I stopped right there...the words echoing in my ears along with my Mothers profanity ricocheting off the dashboard, doors and finally out the window and straight into the face of a clearly drunken old hag who hated her job and probably her whole existence. When she noticed my car screech to a halt...so did she...and i'm sure she was silently praying for the light to change. My plan was to ignore her while pissing her off further but nope...gangsta moms wasn't having it! So all the way home my mother instructs me on how to call this episode into the Boston Hackney division blah blah blah...im like "look, it was enough for her to think a bunch of heavy hittin "eggplants"(had NO idea this word was used to describe us) were gonna jump out the back and mash her, so I'll leave her lively hood alone. Again...not wanting to give into the stereotype. I must say people...its incredibly hard to keep your composure when folks come out of their mouths with that nonsense.

Anyway, Obama is all up and through the white house, in all his sexy azz swagga...its just too bad that kind of ignorance is still a beast rearing its ugly head!
Peace and love yall!


  1. Hey, how are you doing? I really like your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts/opinions.

  2. Ugh.... *smh* that cabby was a BYTCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then she had the nerve to get shook when the light was red and wouldn't even pull up beside us, ha!!

    Odessa is a trip..lol

  3. Yeah, i still didnt call it in! Fuggedaboutit!! Odessa is her own country! lol


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