February 12, 2009

Catch Me If You Can

I had a court date today for a judgement against me in the amount of $10,000. Ok let me start at the beginning. I was in an accident about five years ago. This dude ran a light and fugged my rental car up...well it was my nana's rental from an accident SHE had weeks earlier but I was driving it back to the agency for her. Dude was clearly in the wrong and it took a few years, several depositions, crying, throwin up and bleedin on the floor sometime, until I finally won the case. All that time and aggravation later I only came out with $6k...oh well, thank you Jesus and im moving forward. So the attorney for the insurance company for the rental car agency sued me for what they couldn't recoup from that non-driving mofo.

Next thing you know I get a warrant in the mail for my arrest for failure to show up to the hearing regarding above mentioned bullshit. Weeellllll....I NEVER GOT THAT NOTICE! I'd like to think i'm a responsible individual and I KNOW i never got served. Went to court to answer the warrant and they couldn't produce a document to show that it was sent certified. That shit changes everything...if they can't prove it was sent then damn it I 'm not paying it. The magistrate tries to scare me with wage garnishment talk...interest penalties blah blah blah and had the nerve to ask me to sign something to say I agree and will pay. HAHAHAHA! Don't they know that signing ANYTHING like that is admission of guilt and that I agree they fuggin tried to jack me right in my face???? So if they SAY a court order was sent and you dont show up, they know its an automatic judgement against you with a demand to pay in full! I brought this to Mr. magistrates attention which was immediately followed with a few stutters, and an apology to hopefully clear up this matter. Needless to say, I've been continuing this case for well over a year with interest steadily accruing, as I have NO intention of paying it. When I die, they can dig up my rotting corps, pry the teeth out of my gaping mouth and look for some fillings to sell! Fuggin criminals!

Peace and love yall!


  1. Wow Dana -this really sucks with a double -maybe a triple S-I am so glad you are obviously a very intelligent person -this prevented them from 'getting you' all the best in the world to you and I am sorry this happened!! Man when it rains it pours sometimes-I am gonna try to send positive energy your way to block the negative energy from these SOBs!

  2. Devin - thanks!!! thank goodness I have thick skin. As the old saying goes..."what doesnt kill you can only make you stronger" Right? Thanks as always for sending your best!

  3. Get em' boo!!! Especially today when I am feeling nice & cranky..I will bite someone on the ankle! lol

    That is some BS..why 'the man' always trying to bring us down :(


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