February 26, 2009

I'll Have What She's Having

My bff is an expectant mom and I want in. She doesn’t know it yet but I’m hijacking that kid. I’m definitely feeling that mommy tug again but I CANNOT afford it. The only thing that seems to stick out in my mind is the high cost of daycare at more than $500/mo….yeah fugg that! Sterilizing bottles, changing diapers, getting up hella early or late depending on how one looks at it, is something I don’t really miss. I used to wish my son would hurry up and talk, run around the house chanting my name etc. Now that he’s four I have all that and more. I miss the days of leaving him in the middle of the bed between two pillows knowing he couldn’t move even if he wanted to. The loooooooong nap times that equaled to me times....NO MORE! Now I have this little hellion walking around talking shit like he just wrote a check for the rent and put food in the fridge. He’s the love of my life but insanely demanding. My lil Ike Turner as his god-mommy so fondly refers to him. I have to put him to sleep in my bed, wait til he’s in a deep sleep, then whisk him off to his own bed. He insists that I sleep with him and if I take too long he bellows from MY bed…”Mooooooommmmmmmaaaaayyyyyyyy….COME TO BED! Its funny but its my fault that I didn’t curb this behavior from jump.

So when my girl finally has her little one, I’m gonna suck all the baby scent off, give her back and say see ya tomorrow cuz I’ve been there done that…LOL. I’m really excited for her though. She’s going to make a wonderful mother and I forgive her in advance for calling me at ungodly hours of the night to change the shitty diapers.

Peace & Love Yall!


  1. sounds like the love of a great woman to me and thanks 4 the love folk

  2. Heh, heh. I enjoyed reading this. You sound like you're a cool best friend, tho. And an even cooler mom, Dana!

  3. Torrance - The lady curtseys!

    David - thanks for reading lol. I'd like to think im a cool mom....my son is awesome so he makes it easy. I MUST be a good best friend to even consider all that I KNOW I will when that lil bean comes into the world!

  4. Yup..yup! You ain't got to hijack nothing, you already know you gonna at the crib with baby j while i catch a nap, regularly! lol


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