February 2, 2009

A Season

This was something I wrote quite a while back. I would give anything to feel like this again!

Late Summer or was it a early fall? How could I know that you would change me forever! I know the first kiss was kinda dry but I didn't know what to expect or if you were even feeling me...but every moment since that day has been off the hook. We've shared quite a bit considering how we met and I'm honored to be in your world. Yes...your world! Simply stated...I love you...and not in a way that you should feel ashamed, concerned or alarmed. The love I have for you is out of admiration, profound respect and the notion that you accept and love me for who I am with all my flaws.
Your consistency in loving me in every capacity moves me to tears when I stop for a moment and really think about you as my friend. You motivate and encourage me without nagging or badgering and I dig it!Sexually....well shit...what can I say..yes we go in and out of shopping mode, we say its got to end but....I will admit that its not easy. All of your attributes turn me on to no end. Your classy in attitude and appearance, intelligent, sexy...you know I can go on!
There's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for you if I could....im sure you know that! Funny but when I think of you I see colors...blue, white and something much brighter than light...sounds corny I know but i guess its my interpretation of your spirit or the aura that surrounds you. Well...im done telling you the obvious...anything i might have missed, i'm sure you can feel it in my kiss...and I'll never forget the season nor the reason our friendship exists!


  1. Me and you shall never part-- MAKEDADAAAA!!!!!!

  2. Sha - Aint no ocean aint no seeeeaaaaa....

    new pic...yeah im serious about that shit! My fuggin theme for '09
    "step up or get put under"

  3. wow -I love this-reminds me so much of how i used to feel in some ways-great work-I love your blog!loved the pic too!

  4. Devin! - Glad you came back! I imagine this state of being will be rekindled...in this life or the next...HA!

  5. Indeed I hope it will!:-) great blog -I will have to check out your music-agree with most of what you say about country-a big double ugggh for most of it-altho i do like some of the older stuff -the slideshow moods is great too!


ok...let me have it!