February 8, 2009

Now Where Did I Put That Key?

Once upon a time, I found my true love. I fell for him just seconds after our lips touched. Sweet nuances of mutual adoration lingered in our mouths, eyes transfixed because we recognized each other at once. I wanted to express love for him at that moment and as soon as I began to utter the words, he said "I love you too"!

I think my soul mate is asleep in the other room, but so many things have happened in our life, I'm almost sure I missed him. In my quest to maintain control, live independently, and vow to not let anyone hurt or walk all over me, I may have taken for granted the very best in my partner. Of course these realizations only come when you're up late at night, thoughts running for miles down an uncertain road until you find yourself at the inevitable crossroad of life. Is it too late to do a one-eighty to try and smooth that thing out? I believe the love is still there, carefully wrapped in a black satin box, beneath the floor boards in the closets of our hearts. The doors seem locked and I pray we still hold the key.


  1. Very beautiful writing! I am by nature a night-owl and it really sucks with my schedule the nest couple of days because I have to be up early-and early and me do not mix-I am intentionally staying up all night tonight so I will be so exhausted by tomorrow that I will collapse in bed to be up early Tuesday. I have often found that my best and most heartfelt thoughts come to me in the small hours of the morning anywhere between 1 am and 5 am. I also love the images you come up with-best to you as always-and again-beautiful writing!

  2. Devin - thank you! I'm always nice to read a comment from you! I'm a night bird myself..I think Im truly at my best during the wee hours. As for the images...i just google them and if need be i'll ask the owner for permission to use.

  3. I KNOW ya'll still got it in ya! Mista just needs to come into his own and take care of home ;)


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