February 13, 2009

I Love You

“I love you”…”I love you too baby”! Opening the black velvet box I find a pair of beautiful gold earrings. “Oh how sweet….but um….”WHERE IS MY GIANT BOX OF ACT RIGHT?” I don’t mean to come off unappreciative but unless I get what I asked for then this small token of his love (aka band-aid) is going straight to the pawn shop.
I’m not big on holidays and gift giving anyway. I was raised to believe that if you have something you want to share with someone, do it right away since tomorrow is not promised. I also feel that gift giving is not necessary for me, its all in how you treat me…make me feel.

I’m also crazy in love with the notion of love. It will conquer all things and make it mo’ betta…mix that crap with a heavy dose of cynicism and watch reality bite.

Remember newbie love when you put your best foot forward, not a hair was out of place and you wouldn’t even THINK about farting around them? The butterflies you get when you pick up the phone on the first ring, then get pissed ‘cause its not him/her. Staying up on the phone all night listening to each other breathe, falling asleep during the silence and insisting you weren’t snoring. What about the first time you said “I love you”! What a wild feeling.

Now several years later, perhaps after a few children, the love is still there but different somehow. Only folks that still love each other can tolerate the morning breath and screw face a new day brings. Not giving a shit that you farted ‘cause hell, you gotta let it out or suffer a heart attack…lol! When the phone rings now its like “WHAT…yeah yeah I’ll take out the trash…ok ok …yeah…love you too...BYE! Ahhh…love in all its splendor.

Its Valentines Day and I hope it finds you in the hearts and minds of someone you truly love and care for.

Peace yall!


  1. You speak so much truth!

    Love goes through many stages. It's never the same way it was the very first time you met them. But as long as that mutual respect and -- gasp -- honest love is there, it keeps you together even through the morning breath and household chores that need to be done. :)

  2. i didnt have a sweetheart, thank good for basketball on al;ll day

  3. David - loves seems to be so much more demanding with unrealistic expectations. Why does one have to work so hard to maintain something so simple?

    Torrance - YOU of all people have no business being without a sweetheart. You have TOO MUCH to offer my dear.

  4. Ahh...i'ze memba that newbie love, how I miss it so!!!

  5. Love does go through so many different stages and feelings -I agree I was never one for the materialistic crap-just to know that the person truly loved me (which in my current relation I am seriously doubting!) Beautiful and heartfelt post as always -I am so glad I got over here finally before going to bed (insomnia again) -I love those slideshow moods pics-best to you as always-hope you are having a wonderful week!

  6. Sha - there's nothing like newbie love NOTHING!!!

    Devin - I love when you stop by. I wish the best for you in your current relationship no matter what shape it may take. xoxo


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